VCP – Data Scorecard


  1. % of children from low income families who participate in summer meals programs
  2. % of children from low income families Pre-K to who participate in high quality summer learning opportunities that include a literacy or pre-literacy component
  3. % of students in publicly funded pre-K and Head Start who are chronically absent
  4. % of K-3 students who are chronically absent
  5. % of children ages 1-5 whose families read to them 3 days or more per week (Kids Count)
  6. % of children who use a medical home, which is regular source of health, care for both well-child and urgent health care needs. (Accessibility of data may be an issue)
  7. % of children in accredited child-care settings, including publicly funded programs, Head Start, and home-based providers
  8. % of 1st graders reading on grade level
  9. % of 2nd graders reading on grade level
  10. % of kindergarteners reading on grade level
  11. % of 3rd graders reading on grade levelTotal Investment in Grade Level Reading
  12. % of kids in full day kindergarten
  13. High School grad rate
  14. % of children on free and reduced lunch
  15. # of public school children
  16. % of babies born at low birth weight
  17. % of women receiving non-adequate prenatal care
  18. Children birth-9 with substantiated Allegations of Child Abuse/ Neglect
  19. % of kindergarteners who’ve had a preschool experience including Center based and home based.
  20. % of students k- 12 who are chronically absent by grade
  21. # of juvenile referrals to the Court system
  22. % of children under 18 living in poverty.