VCP – 9 to 18 years old

 Youth – Ages 9-18

Vernon Youth Committee

The Vernon Youth Committee oversees the Youth 9-18 section of the Vernon Community Plan. Members include representatives from different community organizations including the school, Police, and private providers who work with children ages 9-18 and their families.

Mission: To promote the development of healthy, productive citizens through a collaborative system of partnerships between the school, family, and community.

The Youth Committee is focused on strategies to improve 2 headline indicators in the Youth section of the Community Plan;

  • Student Attendance: % of children who are chronically absent
  • Number of Youth who have been referred to the Court system

Since 2011, when Vernon Community Plan implementation began, there has been progress in both of these areas due to the development and work of collaborative systems between school, community, and families. The Juvenile Review Board, for example, a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who meet with youth first time offenders, offers an alternative response more focused on teaching or meeting unmet needs than punishment defers youth from entering the court system. The Youth Committee continues to monitor and maintain systems that have led to a positive change in these areas.

The committee members have decided to focus on the social and emotional health of Vernon children. The committee is interested in identifying a reliable indicator for social and emotional health and is currently looking to gather data that will guide is in supporting this critical aspect of children’s development.